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Updated schedule with make-up games is now posted.
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As the 2014 season is well past the half-way point and the city tournament is quickly approaching, I want to take a moment and express my gratitude to all of the players, managers, umpires, and fans of the AABL for making this season so successful.  This season has seen a shift from years past and I want to provide some insight on what caused these changes.  

Our league was faced with a very difficult decision in the off season.  It was brought to the attention of Michel Woods that the league had regressed in a couple key areas that were being perceived by the city as not appropriate for participation within their facilities.  The two choices that needed to be made were this; 1) not change and watch the AABL dissolve and be lost “or” 2) adapt to the times and become a more responsible group of adults playing the game of baseball.

We chose to do something about the situation and through a series of appointments and votes, your Board of Directors and Governing Officers got together and implemented many changes that the league was in need of.  We leveraged Michel Woods vast experience and guidance to make changes and create a direction for the league that would satisfy the powers that were interested in shutting us down.  Everything that was done in the off season and that has been a topic of conversation through this year was discussed by the group, voted on by the league leaders, with the intention of keeping the league viable and begin the process of building back the trust of the city.  The AABL has a long history of providing baseball for Adults who are not willing to give up the game; this league reaches both near and far, bringing players from the valley, Kenai Peninsula, Fairbanks, and through many implants we have players from all around the country into our local teams.  It was worth saving, it is worth fighting for, and it will remain a viable option for Alaskan men to continue to enjoy the game of Baseball for years to come.

As anything done by a few for the good of many, there will always be individuals who disagree with certain details of what we have done here this year.  I would ask that anyone that feels there has been a decision made that was not based on the betterment of the league as a whole, to please seek out the representatives and voice your  concerns.  Without your feedback, without your ideas, without your participation in the process of self-governing, we will never be able to reach our full potential.  We are now in the process of voting in a couple new positions, mine included…  And I ask that every single player taking advantage of the AABL this season spend a few minutes to cast your vote.  The league needs you to stand up and be active so that we have the right people in the right positions to continue this process and improve upon what was done this year so that the next is even more successful.

Questions should be directed toward your Governing Officers and Board of Directors.  I am especially willing to take the time to speak to anyone regarding an issue with this league, the decisions we have made for this season, or what my vision is for the future.

Mike Smith, President, AABL


Elections for President & Treasurer
will take place by paper ballot from Aug. 1 - 5 at the Kosinki & Mulcahy fields.
All eligible AABL Players are encouraged to participate.

Schedule Make-Ups
Date Day Time Field Home Visitor Old
7/30/14 Wed. 6:30 K4 Alaska Astros Fairview Pirates 6/22
8/4/14 Mon. 6:30 Mulcahy Alaska Cubs Anchorage A's 6/22
8/4/14 Thurs. 6:30 K4 Steve's Sports Bar Alaska Astros 6/26
8/6/14 Wed. 6:30 Mulcahy Hornets Jewel Lake Kings 6/26
7/30 6:30 PM Alaska Astros Fairview Pirates
7/31 6:30 PM Fairview Pirates Steve's Sports Bar
7/31 6:30 PM Southcentral Titans BGES Bobcats
7/31 6:30 PM Hornets Alaska Cubs
8/3 2:00 PM Alaska Astros Anchorage A's
8/3 2:00 PM BGES Bobcats Hornets
8/3 6:00 PM Fairview Pirates Alaska Astros
8/3 6:00 PM Steve's Sports Bar Jewel Lake Kings
Hornets 15 0 1.000 19 0
SouthCentral Titans 13 4 0.765 15 6
Alaska Cubs 9 8 0.529 12 10
Jewel Lake Kings 9 8 0.529 9 10
BGES Bobcats 9 8 0.529 9 10
Fairview Pirates 6 10 0.375 8 12
Anchorage A's 5 11 0.313 9 13
Alaska Astros 3 11 0.214 3 11
Steve's Sports Bar 3 12 0.200 6 14
7/27 Alaska Astros 9 Jewel Lake Kings 8
7/27 BGES Bobcats 1 Alaska Cubs 9
7/27 Hornets 9 SouthCentral Titans 5
7/29 Jewel Lake Kings 10 Anchorage A's 4
7/29 Steve's Sports Bar 7 Alaska Astros 2
7/29 Alaska Cubs 1 SouthCentral Titans 8

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